The Benefits of Soccer Camps

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Sending your child to a soccer camp,’ can turn out to be a win-win situation for you! “The truth is that EVERY child can benefit from going to soccer camp, whether it be socially beneficial or developmentally,” Mike Slatton, writes in The Soccer Mom Manual. However, two things that you need to consider, when choosing a soccer camp for your child, are: “Who will be coaching your child?” and “What will they be teaching?” he states. ‘Also, ensure that, you know exactly what your needs or goals for your child’s soccer education are? Is it skill development? Culture-education? or Daycare?’ he advises.

Soccer Camp: Helps Your Child, Reach the Next Level

At any good soccer camp, the coach will know, exactly how to help children improve their skills and teach them the necessary techniques that prepare, and eventually qualify them for the next level! “An athlete who wishes to play at the next level cannot rely on improvement/advancement from their games or practices alone. The most committed soccer players will strive for the best opportunities to better their game. The easiest way to do this is, through a soccer camp,” states Exact Sports. “…an athlete can access his/her greatest potential by attending a camp that allows a trained professional to specifically focus on their individual talents and areas of improvement,” it informs.

At a Soccer Camp Children Develop Physically, Mentally and Socially

While, it may be rather challenging initially, for children at a soccer camp to meet the high training standards, eventually, they get accustomed to it. In fact, it is this rigorous training that helps them become physically, mentally and socially, stronger! The bonds of friendship that they establish and develop, with other children here- endures long after they leave the camp. A soccer camp, therefore, better addresses, “the quality of chemistry and compatibility with players who are already on the team,” ‘which often gets overlooked, by athletes wanting to compete at the next level,’ declares ‘Exact Sports.’

“There’s something about being put in an unfamiliar situation that makes people learn about themselves. Being placed on a new team, working with new coaches, and playing new competition can often reveal new and unknown traits, such as… leadership abilities, teamwork skills, good sportsmanship, a love of exercise and competitive desire,” states ‘iSport Football.It believes this, to be one of the greatest benefits of participating in a soccer camp and says, “You’ll gain confidence from knowing that you can be thrust into a new group of athletes, and leave with a sense of accomplishment… ”

A Soccer Camp Helps One Learn Better and Get One Noticed

A soccer camp helps your child practice the game, like it should be practiced! It makes him train as part of a team! It puts him/ her in an environment, where he/she can learn- not just from qualified, experienced, skilful, and children-friendly coaches; but also from -other children who play the game! Soccer camps make it possible for kids to practice optimally, without getting burnt-out; and bring talented players into prominence! “Attending camps allows athletes to open another door besides standing out on game day,” informs ‘Exact Sports.’ It also allows, “coaches critical personal evaluations that they may otherwise rely on someone else for. This first person informative session can drastically improve an athlete’s chances of playing at the next level…” it suggests.

Participating in a Soccer Camp Can Help Your Child Grow

While a ‘soccer camp,’ is known to make children more disciplined, competitive, technically sound in soccer, and greater team players; Michael Thompson points out – that ‘going to camp, has other benefits, as well. Thompson, is the author of ‘Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow, and in his article in Huffington writes – “There are things that, as a parent, you cannot do for your children, as much as you might wish to. You cannot make them happy (if you try too hard they become whiners); you cannot give them self-esteem and confidence (those come from their own accomplishments); you cannot pick friends for them and micro-manage their social lives, and finally you cannot give them independence… That’s what makes camp such a life-changing experience for children.”

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