How to Choose the Best Soccer Camps

With the soccer world cup just weeks away, be rest assured that your child is going to watch lots of soccer games and get inspired to play it as well! So, if you are looking to improve your child’s soccer playing abilities and channelizing his enthusiasm for the game well; make visiting soccer camps, the next “thing to do” on your list!

Soccer Camps Help Children Develop Physically

Playing soccer offers its own set of benefits to children! Soccer involves sprinting after a soccer ball along with team members, and against players of the opponent team. It is an aerobic sport that increases the level of fitness in children; enhances the functioning, development and growth of their heart and lungs; and builds up their muscles. Soccer camps make it possible for children to learn the importance of exercise and fitness, while increasing their energy levels and their stamina.

Children Also Learn Mental and Social Skills Here

Playing soccer at camps can also help develop children’s social, emotional and mental abilities! The game involves children, and subconsciously makes it possible for them, to become better communicators, team players and more effective leaders. However, for all of this to happen, you also need to pick up the right kind of soccer camp for your child. Some pointers that can help you locate the best soccer camp for your youngster, are given below:

Best Soccer Camps

Decide Which Type of Soccer Camp Will Meet Your Purpose

When sending your child to a soccer camp, you may well be spoilt for choices! In fact, the options and the varieties of soccer camps can be rather mind boggling. It is important, that before enrolling your child, you are aware of the different kinds of soccer camps that exist; and the kind of training they provide. Some basic categorizations of soccer camps are-‘day camps’ and ‘residential camps’; ‘general camps’ and ‘specialized skills training camps’; ‘advanced camps and all levels camps’; and camps that are classified age-wise, timing-wise and budget-wise.

Ascertain Your Purpose behind Enrolling Your Child in a Soccer Camp

To select the right kind of soccer camp, it is very essential to first determine the purpose for which, you want to send your child to the camp. Is it because you want him/her to take a keen interest in the game; or because, you hope practicing at the camp will help him better his kicks and tackles?

Beginner’s level soccer camps introduce new and inexperienced players to the game of soccer and help them pick up the basics! Specialized skills training soccer camps, on the other hand, sharpen the techniques and maneuvers, used by children already skilled at playing the game. Similarly, it needs to be remembered, that day camps are less-intensive and less-expensive, compared to residential camps.

Quality of Soccer Camps

Another factor that needs to be considered in this respect is the quality of the soccer camp. An assessment of this can be made from several factors. The quality of coaches in a camp, their level of expertise, qualifications, skill sets and experience; and their student friendly approach, are primary amongst these. Simultaneously, it is also essential that the camp should have the required infrastructure and facilities in place, as well as a good coach to student ratio. You can easily find these out from the brochures, advertisement material, and by asking questions at soccer camps, before going in for enrollments.

The Reputation of the Soccer Camp Matters

While, ‘time’ and ‘budget’ considerations, some other factors to ponder over; what must be paid special attention to- is what people say about the soccer camp! It is more judicious to opt for soccer camps that are recommended by people who know something about the game. People like, soccer players, coaches, parents of children who have been to these camps and the children themselves who attended camp; are the ones you should consult! Be sure, to ask more than a few people, to be able to make an accurate assessment of every soccer camp on your list.

What Children Enjoy the Most about Soccer Camps and Clinics

Gives children a fantastic reason to be enthusiastic about the game! Simply watching players from different countries play soccer, fight it out in the field, and win or lose, has a tremendous impact on children of any age. With champion teams displaying their superior soccer techniques and challenger teams putting in their all to outperform them, the soccer fest definitely captures the imagination of little kids. Little wonder then, why most children are so excited about getting enrolled at soccer camps!

A Soccer Camp Provides the Perfect Platform for Kids to Make Friends

Want to know another reason that energizes kids when it comes to going to soccer camps? Ask any child and he/she will tell you, that the prospect of making new friends is a very important motivational factor to join a soccer camp. During long summer vacations, when children are at home, sometimes they can feel restless being away from their school pals. Soccer camps make it possible for children to interact with other children and make new friends.

Children Like Channelizing their Energies Here

Soccer camps provide the perfect platform for kids to use any energy that gets built-up during the vacations. While in school, kids find an outlet for their energy by playing games with other children, during holidays, this energy just keeps piling up! A soccer camp provides the perfect place to spend this energy. Instead of wasting their time watching television or playing games on their Xboxes, children like going to soccer camps, because these help tire them out! The fatigue that comes after roughing it out in a game of soccer is actually very satisfying for men and children alike. A soccer camp benefits children, by also aiding their physical growth, mental robustness and social skills.

Summer Soccer Camps

Kids Want to Improve Their Game and Show off New Techniques in School

Like all of us, children also feel happy and proud of getting better at what they do! At soccer camps, children get more specialized training and personalized attention from coaches. This in turn, enables them to improve their game. They learn new skills, techniques and better ways to tackle, and score goals. Children cherish any improvements that they make at a soccer camp, because they know that it will reflect in their performance during soccer practice, when they are back in school. For many, the motivation to train at soccer camps is simply to outdo their schoolmates at the game, when they are back in school.

A Soccer Camp Frees Children from Parental Supervision

Where overnight soccer camps are concerned, while many children feel homesick, there are plenty more who feel delighted at the prospect of not being under their parent’s eagle eye. Many children crave independence and self-discovery. With parents around, children often feel that they have to live-up to their parent’s expectations. This prevents them from playing their natural game! Some may even feel intimidated, simply by the fact that, their parents are around. Overnight soccer camps on the other hand, give children an experience of being away from home, freedom from being judged and the opportunity to just be themselves!

The Benefits of Soccer Camps

Sending your child to a soccer camp,’ can turn out to be a win-win situation for you! “The truth is that EVERY child can benefit from going to soccer camp, whether it be socially beneficial or developmentally,” Mike Slatton, writes in The Soccer Mom Manual. However, two things that you need to consider, when choosing a soccer camp for your child, are: “Who will be coaching your child?” and “What will they be teaching?” he states. ‘Also, ensure that, you know exactly what your needs or goals for your child’s soccer education are? Is it skill development? Culture-education? or Daycare?’ he advises.

Soccer Camp: Helps Your Child, Reach the Next Level

At any good soccer camp, the coach will know, exactly how to help children improve their skills and teach them the necessary techniques that prepare, and eventually qualify them for the next level! “An athlete who wishes to play at the next level cannot rely on improvement/advancement from their games or practices alone. The most committed soccer players will strive for the best opportunities to better their game. The easiest way to do this is, through a soccer camp,” states Exact Sports. “…an athlete can access his/her greatest potential by attending a camp that allows a trained professional to specifically focus on their individual talents and areas of improvement,” it informs.

At a Soccer Camp Children Develop Physically, Mentally and Socially

While, it may be rather challenging initially, for children at a soccer camp to meet the high training standards, eventually, they get accustomed to it. In fact, it is this rigorous training that helps them become physically, mentally and socially, stronger! The bonds of friendship that they establish and develop, with other children here- endures long after they leave the camp. A soccer camp, therefore, better addresses, “the quality of chemistry and compatibility with players who are already on the team,” ‘which often gets overlooked, by athletes wanting to compete at the next level,’ declares ‘Exact Sports.’

“There’s something about being put in an unfamiliar situation that makes people learn about themselves. Being placed on a new team, working with new coaches, and playing new competition can often reveal new and unknown traits, such as… leadership abilities, teamwork skills, good sportsmanship, a love of exercise and competitive desire,” states ‘iSport Football.It believes this, to be one of the greatest benefits of participating in a soccer camp and says, “You’ll gain confidence from knowing that you can be thrust into a new group of athletes, and leave with a sense of accomplishment… ”

A Soccer Camp Helps One Learn Better and Get One Noticed

A soccer camp helps your child practice the game, like it should be practiced! It makes him train as part of a team! It puts him/ her in an environment, where he/she can learn- not just from qualified, experienced, skilful, and children-friendly coaches; but also from -other children who play the game! Soccer camps make it possible for kids to practice optimally, without getting burnt-out; and bring talented players into prominence! “Attending camps allows athletes to open another door besides standing out on game day,” informs ‘Exact Sports.’ It also allows, “coaches critical personal evaluations that they may otherwise rely on someone else for. This first person informative session can drastically improve an athlete’s chances of playing at the next level…” it suggests.

Participating in a Soccer Camp Can Help Your Child Grow

While a ‘soccer camp,’ is known to make children more disciplined, competitive, technically sound in soccer, and greater team players; Michael Thompson points out – that ‘going to camp, has other benefits, as well. Thompson, is the author of ‘Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow, and in his article in Huffington writes – “There are things that, as a parent, you cannot do for your children, as much as you might wish to. You cannot make them happy (if you try too hard they become whiners); you cannot give them self-esteem and confidence (those come from their own accomplishments); you cannot pick friends for them and micro-manage their social lives, and finally you cannot give them independence… That’s what makes camp such a life-changing experience for children.”

Soccer Camp Can Be a Kid’s Door To A Wonderful New World

Soccer is a game with a long and lively history. Ask any fan of the game and they will certainly have a wealth of stories to tell you about their favorite players, the most historically memorable games, and why their favorite team is the best soccer team in the whole world. Recorded as the most popular sport in the whole world, soccer has entertained and inspired millions of people the world over and has formed the basis for friendships (and friendly rivalries) for as long as people have loved the game. But like most team sports, soccer isn’t always played in the international arena. It’s a game that anyone can learn to play. In fact, for many young peoples, their first experience of soccer is at a soccer camp they attended as a child.

The rules of soccer are fairly easy to learn, which is why it is such a popular sport for very young children to learn. Children who are learning to play soccer for the first time will probably pick it up very quickly and feel confident in their ability to take to the field with their new teammates. However, just because the rules involved in soccer are fairly simple, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for almost infinite levels of improvement. Kids who attend soccer camps progress very quickly from learning the simple act of kicking a ball to the more advanced art of kicked the ball in the right direction, at the right time, and to the right person. They will never run out of new skills to acquire and build upon.


Building athletic skills at soccer camp is a wonderful place for kids to learn physical co-ordination. Camp activities often include obstacle courses and other dexterity-building activities that help kids to become better at making the ball go exactly where they want it do. Playing soccer helps kids to develop awareness of their surroundings and helps them learn to think and act on the fly. It’s a game that involves strategy as well as strength and endurance, so a kid learning to play soccer is learning many things besides just how to run and kick a ball.

For example, soccer camps endeavor to help kids learn social skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and friendship. At soccer camp, kids learn to work together towards a common goal, whether that goal is to put that ball through the opposing team’s net, or just to become stronger, faster, better athletes together. Kids get to spend snack time and water breaks together, too, talking about whatever they want. It’s a wonderful way for young children to meet new friends, learn new people skills and gain the self-confidence that it takes to become a team leader.

Soccer camp also helps kids become part of a worldwide phenomenon. Nearly every country in the world has a soccer team, and soccer fans (or football fans, as they’re called in Europe) are widely considered to be the most passionate sports fans out there. A kid who attends a soccer camp might be opening the door to a lifelong love affair with a sport that has captured the hearts people all over the world. It’s not impossible to imagine going from just learning how to kick the ball through the net to becoming a skilled player, or a knowledgeable and passionate fan.

Not every kid who goes to soccer camp is going to become a soccer superstar, but they will learn a brand-new sport and some excellent new skills. Some kids spend their first few days at camp feeling timid and flinching whenever a ball flies in their direction. Fortunately, camp coaches understand that not all kids will take to soccer in the first few minutes, or even the first few days of play. They understand when to take a gentle approach and help kids become confident enough to run, kick, pass and score with the rest of the kids.

At the end of the day, soccer camp serves many purposes beyond just teaching kids a new sport. Even if your child doesn’t come out of the camp set to take the world of sports by storm, they will certainly have learned new skills, made new friends, gotten plenty of exercise and, most importantly of all, had an absolutely wonderful time!

Soccer Camps Provide a Venue to Share the Love of the Game.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a vivid and interesting history in the world of sports and has been played for more than three thousand years, with evidence of soccer being played in during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC; recorded facts also support the fact that Romans and Greeks used to play for fun and frolic. The history of modern-day soccer was established in 1863 with the formation of the Football Association. Soccer’s popularity spread rapidly during the 1800s as British sailors, traders and soldiers introduced the sport to different parts of the globe. FIFA was established in the year 1904 and by early 1930s different leagues were operating from various countries; FIFA is credited with organizing the first world cup. As the game continued to grow in significance, soccer camps were set up to seek the best of the best of each nation. Today, soccer camps are thriving all over the world, dedicated to the young and the young at heart, to the skilled and those seeking to learn the skills. These camps provide opportunities for those who love the game to become fully immersed in it. They provide a venue to share the love of the game.

The World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event; an estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 World cup ,and the 2014 World Cup is expected to be by far the most widely viewed sporting event in history. What is it about soccer and soccer camps that attract so many excited fans?


It is a very simple game. Soccer is a game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to get a ball into the other team’s goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands. The goalie is the only player who can touch or move the ball with his arms or hands. It is easily played on any surface – we have seen that throughout the World Cup stories – communities of children playing in a dirt field, beside a land fill, in the middle of a vineyard, in a school ground, in a land scarred by bombshells, wherever they could find a space. In addition to being able to play it on any surface, there are few financial barriers as it requires a single ball to participate. In many countries where soccer and soccer camps are the ideal activity, soccer is really the only viable national sport thus increasing its popularity for that country’s population. And probably one of the most important things to increasing the popularity today is the amount of advertisement undertaken, particularly every four years around the World Cup, as well as the incredible talent that each team has.

Camps have become a consistent way to create not only a new pool of talent but also to breed the perfect fan – one that not only loves the game but understands the nuances of the sport and can picture themselves as the ‘hero’ for their country. Most soccer camps are committed to helping children of all ages and abilities to reach their greatest potential both within the game and as an active member of their community. Many of the camps begin providing general skills development in a fun atmosphere for children as young as 5 or 6 years old (often playing in U6 leagues). These soccer camps focus a lot on team building, working as part of a team as opposed to an individual athlete. They also teach basic soccer skills such as footwork, passing, kicks, throw-ins, ball handling, etc. Most camps will attempt to group children not only by age but also by skill level to allow them to build confidence in their game play while having fun doing it.

As long as the game of soccer continues to be so accessible to children all over the world, soccer camps will continue to grow not only in their popularity but also in their necessity. All children should have a chance to play and have fun and do it in a safe environment. Soccer Camps provide this venue.